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Because of life circumstances I was down twenty pounds, hardly slept, and stress was eating me alive. I was faced with a choice. Do the hard work with this person, and move to Texas, the last place on earth I wanted to live, and make it work, or break up and stay in Miami which is still to this day, my heart.

And I say this knowing even a couple hundred people are going to read this and it makes me a little sick. Who likes to show the worst of themselves to strangers on the internet. Someone not to long ago tried to come between the trust N and I have worked hard as fuck to build. They told people N drunkenly agreed when another person said that my gender identity was screwing up my kids.

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And I was so relieved when I heard this. I even laughed. It was bullshit, rooted in jealousy, loaded on to make a story seem like the person had ground to stand on.

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More than anyone else on the planet I trust him, and this is how it should be. At a funeral. This person who has been so good to me and for some reason worships the ground I walk on. He is literally a god. He shockingly never looks at my social media.

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JR you are so absolutely right. Not that you were looking for validation. But I have been with married 25 years. And those younger years were rough.

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We struggled a lot. We learned a lot. But he has always been by my side, he is my anchor. We went years just going through the motions. I even thought about divorcing him, because I thought was more habit and not love. But as I thought more I realized we were just so busy trying to male ends meet and do the best for our kids that we lost a bit of ourselves in the process. So we decided date nights and time had to be taken. In his practice, Nathan specializes in anxiety issues, relationship struggles, commitment issues, fear of flying specialized method , decision-making, creative blocks, depression, and migraines.

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Published on PsychCentral. All rights reserved. Hot Topics Today 1. Here's What Does. For decades grass was the most widely-used noun for the verdant garden plant which forms the lawns of most domestic gardens throughout North America and Europe. In recent years, grass has mutated into a second noun for the most widely-used illegal substance in the world, cannabis.

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But, as those who enjoy the BBC TV detective programs will know, the word grass has mutated again, this time as both noun and verb. Ironically, it now seems that someone has grassed on me; I have no suspicions that this came from a neighbour. The notice came at a particularly bad time as my wife was having serious health problems culminating in a stay in hospital. The name of the informer was withheld from me, nor was the bylaw officer able to come right away.

follow site However I was able to get a prominent and knowledgeable citizen to visit our place and he expressed amazement that the condition of my property had been the subject of a complaint. The absurdity of the event was driven home by an e-mail from Ontario Clean Alliance, that week, which reported that Ontario had already had 34 smog alerts in and implored people to review their personal impacts on air quality.

Ontario has several hundred thousand gas or electric lawn mowers. The gas mowers emit greenhouse gases directly. But many Canadians have a great love for their verdant lawns which often mimics parental child care.