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I was happy to try the worm food, to use of days when I get really busy and want something quick and healthy to feed the worms. It disappears at the expected rate. I was really happy with the burlap and the worms really enjoyed it.


The coconut core went a long ways and was very useful. When I was a teenager, I raised my own nightcrawler for fishing so I would always be ready to go. I fed thwm the best available food designed for them and always had great fishing. I knew then the bait has to be inviting and promising a good meal to catch fish over other choices they had.

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All these years later, and I mean "all these" because there has been many decade between then and now. I am now retired and am beginning, with my wife, to go camping, fishing and wnjoy the time left. I searched online and found Uncle Jim's worm farm. I appreciated his dedication and years experience, so I purchased a starter kit and received the kit, small crawlers and all within a very short time.

I bought a large cooler, like I used in years gone by, and began again with fresh bedding, food and some peat moss that was solely organic to work. I admit I was a little concerned when I say the small. It has been a couple of weeks-or so since I started up again. I opened the cooler lastnight to check on them and feed then as instructed. I am happy to say, the crawlers are very lively, like when I raised them all those years ago; they are very active and will make a great presentation when we fish. I plan to put them in mt grandson's worm bed when we are getting close to cooler weather and let them continue to reproduce and stay healthy, well fed.

I plan to buy supplies from Uncle Jim's Worm Farm for our bed and also place many crawlers among the flower bed. I am a happy camper I chose to purchase from Uncle Jim's. And my worms are really making a difference in my garden in the south Louisiana harsh weather! Two weeks later and the worms are doing really well. Your description of their arrival condition and bounce-back was spot on! Option to add discounted worms!

Add worms to your order? Natural and renewable resource. Uniform in composition. Excellent wettability and high water holding capacity. Acceptable pH and low EC.

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Ability to retain nutrients against leaching and to buffer supply. Good drainage and aeration.

Less shrinkage and light weight. Retains physical properties longer. This supply will feed about to worms for roughly 1 month. Simply pour the food, almost in a line, right on top. Checkout or Edit cart. Back to search results. Name of your friend.

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